History in the Making – Jonno Rosslind Wins World’s 1st Wave Pool Stand Up Paddle Surfing Event

by Sarah Hellings on
Miss SA Nicole Flint goes surfing

Miss SA Nicole Flint goes surfing

When ancient Hawaiians first started surfing hundreds of years ago, never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined their traditional sport being performed on a man-made wave in the middle of South Africa.

Riders from around the country flew 100’s of kilometers inland to compete at the prestigious Sun City, Valley of Waves for the world’s first ever stand up paddle surfing event at a wave pool. Riders included world famous Grant “Twiggy” Baker, winner of the XXL Billabong Big Wave Award, John Whittle, winner of recent Red Bull Big Wave Africa Challenge, Karina Figl from Austria, Eric Groenewoud from Netherlands, Craig Cuff, former SA longboard champion, Nicki Carstens a former world champion plus other top riders from Durban, PE and Cape Town.

Stand up paddle boarding which originated in Hawaii is rated as the world’s fastest growing watersport whereby riders stand on top of the board using a single sided paddle to propel the board.

The Coreban Invitational which will feature on XLTV (Xtreme Life TV) in over 171 countries has been stated as one of the most unique surf events in history. “In over 20 years of traveling and competing at some of the most exotic destinations around the world, I have to say that this has to be the highlight of my sports career; being at an event with surfers of such high caliber all competing against a perfect man-made wave in the middle of the country. This is really a surfers dream come true” said Ivan van Vuuren, former Springbok and 4x SA champion.

Over 2000 spectators flooded the Sun City beach to watch top athletes and personalities “Walk on water”. “The great thing about this sport is that it is not limited to only wave riding and also the fact that almost anyone can do it.” said event organizer Barend Buys. “Miss South Africa, Nicole Flint arrived and jumped on a board for the first time and in 2 minutes perfected a new sport. Wave riding, racing, fitness and travel are just some of the amazing aspects of this family sport” said Mr Buys.

Two days of non-stop action, with near perfect conditions and tight competition saw Jonno Rosslind from Muizenberg, Cape Town showcasing hi-performance maneuvers, taking top honors in the wave riding division. Second place went to John Whittle from Durban and third place to Craig Cuff from Port Elizabeth. For full event highlights visit www.Coreban.com.

Jonno Rosslind, winner of the event

Jonno Rosslind, winner of the event

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