The Lost City Cycle Challenge

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The annual Lost City Cycle Challenge is set to take place from 20 – 21 August. The event, also sponsored by PowerAde is an exciting fundraising event that delivers all proceeds to CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) – a worthy cause indeed. The event promises an action-packed cycling expose that is as exciting as it is fun. More than R2.2 million has been raised for CANSA since the first road race took place; this was about a decade ago.

The cycling event is divided into two challenges:
• The PowerAde CANSA Lost City Classic
• The PowerAde CANSA Lost City Mountain Bike Challenge

The races will take place on 20 August and 21 August respectively. Do you want to enter? Find further information on our Facebook Page.

The PowerAde CANSA Lost City Classic

The Classic race has taken on a complete revamp since last year with the distance now being 115km long. The actual race is now being run on wider, quieter roads, which gives the cyclists the opportunity to really focus on riding without the worry of crowds and traffic. The stigma of danger that has – up until now – been associated with the road race has now been reduced, at the same time as the route becoming more challenging.

There is also a 65km version of the road race for those cyclists that are not keen to put themselves under too much pressure.

The PowerAde CANSA Lost City Mountain Bike Challenge

The Mountain Bike Challenge also has two separate circuits; one of 25km and one of 55km long. The lap circuit format is no longer being used and the single track areas have been minimised, giving rise to wider areas that weave in and out of the golf courses. The route is stunning and might have some riders falling off their bikes to admire the view!

More Information

There will be loads of exciting events taking place at the Sun City resort, in line with this fundraising event, including: a spinning marathon, prize giving functions and loads of other lively entertainment.

Find out more about the event by visiting

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  1. Cathleen Yvonne Rheeder says:

    I would love to attend to the CANSA event as I was diagnosed with liver cancer twice and is on remission now. Unfortunately I do not have funds to attend the meeting


  2. Anna-Mart says:

    Good day

    we will be from 4 – 10 June at Sun City. can you please let me know if there is any nice show or activity we can attend e.g. concert?


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  4. Ewie says:

    When is the Powerade Cansa Lost City Cycle Challenge in 2012

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