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The Best Weekend At Sun City!

Let me start off by saying a huge, big WOW! I was completely blown away on my prize weekend away at Sun City after winning the Springbreak competition. After all, being treated like royalty with our every desires being met at the touch of a button is an experience not soon to be forgotten!

Being able to experience the Springbreak shoot exposed both me and (my lucky) boyfriend to another world of creativity and style. To our surprise, everyone on the shoots were incredibly down to earth – from the models to the camera men, to the bikini brand owners. It goes without saying, that everyone involved was very professional and talented. We were immediately welcomed as part of the entire project which really allowed us to appreciate all the hard work needed to complete a campaign like this.

Ismail Jardine – my, what a guy! We never knew that people like that existed! He organised everything for us to make our stay more welcoming and we pretty much think he designed the Palace of the Lost City, as not even the staff or managers know as much about the resort as him! He truly made the entire experience worthwhile as he ensured the weekend lived up to the motto of “A Million Thrills”. We were also lucky enough to meet an Irish cruise ship musician, who was gigging some shows at Sun City.

All in all, Springbreak 2010 is going to be EPIC and without a doubt, the party of the year! The quality of organisation, sound, location, awesome line up of bands and a few thousand people partying in their bikinis and board shorts – what more do you need?

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