The Battle Is Drawing Closer

by Cabanas on

UntitledFollowing the sell-out performance of 2010’s Battle of the Giants, 2011’s event is set to be as entertaining if not more so. The Battle of the Giants All Style Dance Festival will soon astound onlookers in the Sun City Superbowl from 31 March to 3 April.

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This event at our fabulous resort is one of the qualifying rounds for the World Trial Circuit, an international initiative that our local stars hope to make a personal impact on. With each round, they can gain points that could allow them to be selected to represent South Africa at the various International Dance Organisation Championships. Styles that are represented are: Show Dance, Hip Hop, Disco, Electric Boogie, Street Dance and Jazz.

New competitors as well as old will be making their appearances, with the latter trying to better their scores and positions from last year, or perhaps stepping back in to defend their titles.

Sponsors And Prizes

The Battle of the Giants is backed by a wealth of influential sponsors. Aside from us at Sun International, sponsors include the likes of Lara Travel, Bon Aqua, Swatch Watches, and Cameroon Clothing.

With sponsors like these, the dancers have some really impressive prizes to battle towards. The dancers who make it to 1st position will receive the following amazing prizes:

  • Complimentary flights to the IDO Disco World Championships and the IDO Hip Hop World Championships.
  • A spectacular Sun City holiday package.
  • Prizes from Cameroon Clothing.
  • Prizes from Swatch Watches.
  • As well as the trophies that all the dancers have their eyes on.

The Juvenile and Junior Solo Freestyle Achievers will take home their own fantastic Sun City holiday packages, as well as trophies and other great prizes from the sponsors.

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