Sun City Springbreak 2009: Wrap-up

by Cabanas on

The turnout at this years Springbreak was fantastic. We got to meet so many people having fun in The Valley of Waves and around Sun City. If you were there, I’m sure you have your own special memories. In the meantime, here are our highlights.

1. Meeting Tamara Dey from Flash Republic

2. Other bands at Spring Break this year: Flat Stanley, Saving Silence, Prime Circle, Cassette, Van Coke Cartel, Polisiekar and aKing

3. Watching Miss SA teen start her reign. Well done and good luck Chante!

Sun International - Miss SA Teen 2009 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!_1254393530753

The Prime Circle gig in The Valley of Waves was rocking. Checkout the video and for those of you that were there, we hope we caught you on camera.

When the sun set, the parties really started. From Van Coke Cartel to Dom Chung at the Ministry of Sound Party to our very own DJ Tricky at the MTV Base beach party. Finally, they all came together at the Spring Break after party.

If the parties weren’t enough to keep us busy we found lots of other activities. The bikers really impressed us.

We also stumbled upon some of you having your own party at the upper pool in The Valley of Waves.

Springbreak 2009 - The Valley of Waves on Flickr - Photo Sharing!_1254393782011

Now you know why Springbreak is our biggest party weekend. We would love to hear your stories from Springbreak.

See you next year!

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