Sun City Puts Their Chefs to the Test

by Cabanas on

Sun City’s elite team of chefs have spent the last few weeks hard at work, preparing their entries for the Sunday Times Chef of the Year 2011 competition. Under the expert guidance of executive chef, Andrew Robertson, Sun City’s gourmet gurus have spent endless hours crafting amazing dishes, made with a dazzling array of local ingredients.

The Entries

The Sunday Times Chef of the Year event is the most prestigious cooking competition in South Africa. The requirements for entry are particularly demanding in order to ensure culinary excellence. This year, Sun City is entering 3 of its young chefs into the junior competition and 9 of its senior chefs into the competition proper.

The 12 Sun City hopefuls have been tasked with creating original cooking creations, using a mouth-watering list of indigenous ingredients. Inventive submissions from the Sun City crew include Beatechill Jonkers’ “sweet potato and gingerbread cheesecake”, Jovan Booi’s “cashew and porcini crusted springbok” and Donovan Dodds’ “cumin and lime leaf smoked Franschhoek trout”.

No doubt these tantalising entries will be strong contenders for progression to the competition’s finals, maintaining Sun City’s tradition of culinary excellence.

The Chef of the Year Finals

This year, the prestigious finals will be held in Cape Town on the 6th October 2011. The finalists will be asked to design and cook a 3 course meal on the spot, consisting of ingredients provided in a “mystery bag”. The dishes will then be subject to the meticulous scrutiny of a judging panel of South Africa’s top gastronomic experts. The chefs will be assessed according to their dishes’ taste and presentation as well as their own preparation skills, kitchen skills and use of local ingredients.

Sun City’s kitchen team has done everything they can to ensure they stand up to the Sunday Times Chef of the Year gauntlet.

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