Awesome Entertainment at Stimorol Springbreak 2011

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Are you ready for the biggest party of the year? Sun City has been working hard to ensure that Stimorol Springbreak 2011 is exactly that.

Springbreak Logo

This year’s Springbreak line-up brings together the very best in music, live entertainment and extreme sports for a bumper weekend of non-stop fun. Brace yourself for the most amazing Stimorol Springbreak experience yet!

Infinity Party Madness

The highlight of the weekend, of course, is the much-anticipated Stimorol Springbreak live music spectacular – the Springbreak Stimorol Infinity Party. The stacked bill includes local music greats Locnville, Jax Panik and the Graeme Watkins Project, as well as sets from top South African DJs. The exhilarating event will take place at the Sun City Superbowl.

Maestros on the Decks

Luckily for those not able to attend the Stimorol Infinity Party, the weekend’s epic DJ performances don’t end there. Throughout the weekend, audiences will be treated to main stage sets from renowned South African turntable talents Paul Rotherham, John Walland, Paul Almeida, Grant and Anele and Ian F.

Hip-Hop High Jinks

Keeping the crowd pumped up in between the DJ sets will be electric performances from the 021 and Static B-Boy crews and Morgan Beatbox. The crews will show off their elite break-dancing expertise to the Stimorol Springbreak crowds, while Morgan Beatbox will impress with his trademark vocal aerobics.

Stunt Masters

Rounding out the fantastic list of entertainment will be daring exhibitions from the Le Riche Brothers and Glen Dell’s Red Bull Aerobatics team. The Le Riche Brothers will amuse with their trial bike antics, while the Red Bull Aerobatics squad will dazzle with their not-to-be-missed, death-defying sky stunts.

If you haven’t got your Springbreak Stimorol Infinity Party tickets yet, get them now!

8 Responses to Awesome Entertainment at Stimorol Springbreak 2011

  1. Michelle says:

    Im just reeeeeeally excited,i finally turned eighteen this year soo i FINALLY get to attend the after party,been enjoying S.B for the past three years aaand im certain you guys wont dissapoint (:

  2. wynand says:

    This year is going to rock can’t wait anymore me and my friends have been attending spring break for the last 3 years and it is a life time experience , see you guys there

  3. zukaledi says:

    Hmmmm this sounds so crazeeeee as I cannot wait and as it will b ma first time going there, m soooo looking fOrWaRd Ta iT…. Asambe ke

  4. Molebogeng Seerane says:

    My gals n I will b there 4 the 1st tym ndis is jst the beginning!!!C U THERE!!

  5. jubilee says:

    im reallly lookin forward to this years festival!!!!!!!!!!!! missed out on last years 1,i hope this year willn not disappoint. Leeettttsssss!!!!!!!!!

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  8. mike says:

    Where can we see the photo’s from spring break?

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