"Soak it Up" Stimorol Springbreak Festival 2011

by Cabanas on

Sun City and Stimorol present another year of fun and entertainment at the Stimorol Springbreak Festival weekend starting on the 30 September until 2 October 2011.

Stimorol Springbreak

Stimorol Springbreak

The annual summer weekend promises to be nothing short of excitement, filled with good music, extreme sports, dance and partying under the sun. The Valley of Waves offers exhilarating games, rides and water slides for those seeking fun and adventure.

The weekend will kick off with Paul Rotheram, John Walland and Paul Almeida bringing the hottest beats to The Valley of Waves. The DJs promise to deliver a sizzling hot start to the exciting weekend ahead!

On Saturday afternoon adrenalin pumping activities will include an array of sports such as wake boarding, trail biking and dance crew performances. Celebrity DJs Grant and Anele, Darren Scott & John Walland will rock the beach on Saturday.  The Power of 5FM duo will set the stage ablaze with the hottest newest tracks spreading the Springbreak fever across The Valley.

Producer, radio and club DJ Ian F will be part of Sunday afternoon’s entertainment on the main stage along with DJ Paul Rotheram and Paul Almeida.

Stimorol Springbreak Festival 2011

Stimorol Springbreak Festival 2011

Friday, 30 September 2011

Venue: Valley of Waves

DJ line-up: Paul Rotheram, John Walland, Paul Almeida

Time: 9am-6pm

Adult Price: R150.00

Under 13: R80.00

Saturday, 01 October 2011

Venue: Valley of Waves

DJ Line-up: Grant and Anele Darren Scott, John Walland

Time: 9am-6pm

Adult Price: R 150.00

Under 13 Price: R80.00

Sunday, 02 October 2011

Venue: Valley of Waves

DJ Line-up: Paul Rotheram, Ian F, Paul Almeida

Time: 9am-6pm

Adult Price: R 150.00

Under 13 Price: R80.00

34 Responses to "Soak it Up" Stimorol Springbreak Festival 2011

  1. nthabiseng says:

    O.M.G I’m so loving it I cnt wait 4 da 30th 2 cum I’m dieing of waitin 4 it let’s party under da sun I’m love loving it

  2. Nkulee says:

    WOW…R150.00 Per day and we have to pay for our accomondation aswell! expensive i tell you , all this for DJs and water ? then i still have to pay for my drinks, trasport fair and entrance to suncity for the days

    been querying this… rooms have been booked for this accomodation without us even knowing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOT COOL… disapointed springbreak fan*

    • Sun International says:

      Hi Nkulee

      You seem to be misinformed. If you have booked accomodation with Sun International, your entrance into the valley is free. You will not need to pay the R150 valley entrance fee per day as this is for people who are visiting daily without accomodation.

      Hope this clears things up for you.

  3. unathi says:

    Hi there springbreak.. I would like to know if there’s an entrance fee at the gate for people who are staying nearby, and if there is I would like to know howmuch it cost. Thank you

  4. zeldene says:

    Any accomidation stil available..? :)

  5. charlene says:

    Do I buy the tickets at the gate, computicket or where?

  6. Ron says:

    Do we have to buy via computicket? Or can we buy on the day?

    • Sun International says:

      Hi Ron – it’s better to book before you get to Sun City. All Computicket ticket holders get free access into Sun City on presentation of the ticket. Otherwise you will have to pay at the entrance and then again at the Valley of Waves.

  7. Ron says:

    Oh and what about night parties?

    • Sun International says:

      The Stimorol Infinity party has been confirmed – here’s the linkeup – Locnville, Jax Panik, Chiano Sky and Graeme Watkins Project

  8. hi, springbreak says:

    hi, if we staying in a hotel nearby.. n we pay entrance fee on the saturday, do we have to pay on sunday aswell?

  9. Manto. says:

    Hallo springbreak,

    Basically, if you buy the R150 ticket at computicket you get entrance to sun city and springbreak aswell, rather than paying for sun city and another R150 for valley of de waves?


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  11. Annette says:

    I have already purchased spring break tickets for Friday and Saturday but understand I have to buy additional tickets for entrance to the Valley of the Waves, as well as the afterparty on Saturday night.
    I struggle to find these on the Computicket website. Is this the case and if so, please help in providing the correct link for purchasing these extra tickets?

    • Sun International says:

      Hi Annette

      You do not need to buy additional tickets for entrance into the valley as this is covered by the tickets you purchased. For the Saturday Night party, please purchase them here

  12. Annette says:

    Great thank you!
    Tickets purchased, all sorted, just as you said, only day tickets and after party tickets required if you buying in advance at Computicket.

    Can’t wait!!

  13. Thopi says:

    Hi Sun International

    If I buy the Spring break ticket for Saturday during the day… do I also need to buy another ticket for the Saturday Night party as well… meaning if I want to attend during the day and the Saturday Night party I need to buy two Tickets???

  14. sonja says:

    Hi springbreak can u pls send me a programme for sat+sun?

  15. Jones says:

    Hi ther, ani vip tickets available? @ what price? Thanx can’t wait

  16. Victor says:

    Full weekend Transport (party bus) to and back from suncity, acommodation for 3 days 2 nights fri-sun (Bed and Breakfast) (12 min) from suncity,..transport is all organised..and entrance for the 3 days into suncity. all inclusive + ticket to the main party…R2500 per person..contact me on 0723819671 or bbm 221D37D3

  17. kim says:

    If I buy the Spring break ticket for Saturday during the day… do I also need to buy another ticket for the Saturday Night party as well… do I need to buy two Tickets???

  18. thomas says:

    Does the R150 tickect include entrance to Sun city or do we still pay for entrance at the gate??

  19. chris says:

    Is Locnville and Jax Panik only at the after party? And can we buy tickets for just the after party? Or do we have to buy both?

  20. khwezi hoga says:

    Just toooooooooo excited!!

  21. tee says:

    wher is the nite party????

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