See Sun City From A Segway

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There are many sights to see at the Sun City resort, and while you may think you get to see them all during your stay there could be some that you are missing out on. This is one of the reasons we recommend that you take part in a Segway Safari experience; the ultimate way to tour the grounds of the resort in absolute style and comfort.

What Is A Segway?

Segway Safaris at Sun City

Segway Safaris at Sun City

A Segway is an electric vehicle that self-balances on 2 wheels. There are special motors within the device that keep it balanced while it is running and simple distribution of the rider’s weight allows the Segway to move forward or backwards. By leaning your body weight forward, the Segway realises that you want to proceed forwards and the same happens when wanting to reverse. The best part about the Segway is that it is entirely environmentally friendly in keeping with our on-going green initiatives.

Book Your Segway Safari

Not only is the Segway Safari interesting and a great deal of fun, but it is also something that you and your family can enjoy together. No experience is required, but we do ask that children taking part be of the age 10 and older. You can choose from an off-road or on-road adventure that will showcase the best of Sun City’s gardens and grounds, the gorgeous golf courses and the African bush that runs alongside it all.

Segway is located next to the tennis courts behind The Cascades swimming pool, but we recommend that you book your tour by calling +27 (0)14 557 4052. 

The Segway

The Segway

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  1. Yvonne Slappendel says:

    Thank you for your letters
    Always looking for specials
    Great idea with the Segway
    It is one Million and One thrills now
    Yvonne and Eric

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