Roxette memories

by Jana Kotze on

During the month of March 2011, we ran a competition in our edition of the Million Thrills newsletter where we asked readers to send us their favorite Roxette memories. 

Here are some of the stories we received:

Sandy Goble

Sandy Goble

Sandy Goble – “My favorite Roxette moment was going to the ice rink when I was a teenager.  All the lights would be turned off as they announced – “Couples Dance” and then they would play “Listen to your Heart” by Roxette.  It was awesome to be able to skate round the rink with someone you loved to such an amazing song.  Even today when I hear this song,it still gives me goose bumps!”

Claudia Keates – “The memories that come to mind when I listen to my Roxette CD collection are bitter-sweet ones… During the 18 months that it took for my divorce to go through towards the end of 1998, I spent many evenings listening to Roxette music, as they were therapeutic for me, gave me hope that life would carry on and get better.  It felt like many of the words to songs were specifically written for me in terms of all the emotions I was going through at the time.  Thereafter, as my heart slowly healed and I fell in love again, Roxette music never failed to be an integral part of my life, this time a far happier part of my life than previously.  I was embarking on new challenges in my personal life as well as career.  Roxette’s music is held very dear to my heart.  I never become tired of it”

Mindy Zwarts

Mindy Zwarts

Mindy – “I have been a Roxette fan since I can remember.  I remember this man with different color streaks in his hair and a woman singing and dancing around on stage with bare feet, tight short dresses & funky blonde hair.  Songs that stick out for me are “The Look”,”The Big Love”,”Almost Unreal”,”Joyride”,”Crash Boom Bang”,”Dangerous”,”Dressed For Success”,”Fading Like  Flower”,”Sleeping In My car” and who can forget “It must have been love” one of the best love song’s EVER.  The first time I remember Roxette was their song “The Look” when I was 6 years old, around 1989/1990. 

When I heard that Roxette was coming to South Africa in 1995, I begged my parents to go watch them and Mom said yes after months of pleading. This was my first big concert that I had ever been to and I remember that feeling of utter excitement going to watch Roxette at Ellis Park Stadium.  I also bought a Roxette poster at the concert and one day found my brother & cousin using Marie Fredriksson& Per Gessle faces as target practice for their new pellet guns. Needless to say, I was beyond angry and cried my heart out.  I still have not forgiven them for that day. “
Diana du Plooy
Diana du Plooy

Diana du Plooy -“My son Ryan, who is now 22 years old, became an avid Roxette fan from toddler stage as we always had music playing at home.  My fondest memories are of him bopping around the lounge in a nappy or tiny little speedo and nothing else, enjoying songs like “How Do you Do?”; ” Joyride”; and “Dressed for Success”.  He actually got to know all the words. We both still enjoy Roxette today and I can never hear one of their songs without images of my son coming into my head.  It would be awesome if we were given the privilege of seeing them live together.”

Rosetta Nel – “I attended her first concert in Johannesburg. My husband (then financé) and I had field tickets in front of the stage. It was totally amazing because as they started to play the crowd moved us right up in front where we sang “Joyride” as loud as we could. At the end of the concert we both had no voices and still today talk about the amazing time we had”

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