Our Pledge to Support Earth Hour 2011

by Cabanas on

We are very proud to be a part of Earth Hour 2011, and have pledged our support to prevent global warming. Our entire resort will be encouraged to take part in the event that has become a worldwide campaign for the prevention of an environmental disaster.

On 26 March at 20h30, millions of people across the globe will be taking part in this international initiative to save energy and promote a more sustainable way of living. We take for granted that we have electricity at the flick of a switch, but what would we do without it? Earth Hour makes us realise how easy it is to waste energy without even being aware of it. Just turning the light out for 1 hour is difficult for most people, but it is these little acts of awareness that will save our planet.

Earth Hour 2010 saw a record 128 countries getting involved – enough to give you goose bumps! Let’s see if 2011 can be another record wielding year, with Sun City residents flying the flag high for this universal initiative.

Our Commitment to the Event

In order to play our part for Earth Hour 2011, we have initiated an entire campaign that will be spread around the resort. We are encouraging all guests to take part in the 60 minutes for climate change, with cards, posters, letters and various other bits of marketing paraphernalia.

We’ll be turning off a lot of our power sources, such as: the Cascades chandelier, all of our fountains, the King’s Tower flares as well as all the waterfalls. With our guests also doing their part to keep lights and plugs switched off, we are positive that our efforts will be more than worthwhile. Watch our video about Earth Hour 2010.

“See your world in a whole new light” and support Earth Hour 2011.

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