Get Your 70’s Groove On With Nite Fever

by Cabanas on

Those of us that remember the 70’s will also recount the vast number of musical geniuses that carved their niche within that timeframe. Think along the lines of The Bee Gees, Kool and the Gang, Village People and The Jackson 5; all incredible groups of artists who influenced us with their energy, funk and enthusiasm.

The fantastic stage production, Nite Fever, pays tribute to these musical legends with a show that delights, amazes and enthrals. We are thrilled to be hosting this production at the Sun City Theatre and invite you to come and share in the musical magic of the 70’s with us.

A Little Bit More About Nite Fever

NiteFever is a vibrant 70’s club owned by an eccentric yet crazy guy named Leo. He is the one that got the club off its feet at the same time as being the DJ that gets the party started! Enter a 6 piece band and 4 vocalists whose sole intention is to get you into the groove and dancing in seconds and you have a recipe for one cranking party!

Nite Fever will be staged at The Sun City Theatre from 22 April to 28 May this year so don’t delay in booking your tickets to the party! Book today.

2 Responses to Get Your 70’s Groove On With Nite Fever

  1. Gerald van der Woude says:

    Went to see the show on Thursday 19 May. Very good show except for the poor quality of sound at various stages. One in particular was the rendition of “Knocking on heaven’s door”. Some patrons closed their ears, while others left the show. The content of the was excellent, keep up the good work, but please review the sound equipment and or the engineer. Regards.

    • Sun International says:

      Hi Gerald

      Thank you for your response. We do apologize for any inconvenience and will certainly mention this to the sound department.

      We appreciate your loyalty.

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