Nedbank Golf Challenge Is Going Green

by Jana Kotze on

At this year’s tournament, Sun International aims to make the Nedbank Golf Challenge the first certified green golf event in South Africa and within 2 years, the first carbon-neutral golf event.

Greening the Nedbank Golf Challenge involves a number of aspects of the event ranging from the organisation and planning, to the event itself and post event success. With an event such as this, the ‘greening’ mostly takes place off the fairways and often out of sight of the spectators and guests.

“Our efforts will be aimed at making sure that the visible elements of the event reflect an overall commitment to ‘green’ the tournament and this includes the use of signage and awareness material; waste separation facilities; reductions in the use of non-biodegradable packaging, crockery and cutlery and other noticeable efforts to carry the message across,” says Boris Bornman, Director of Operations at Sun City.

Sun City is committed to controlling the negative impacts of litter and wasteful practices such as resort irrigation, illumination and air-conditioning. Additionally controls will be put in place to eliminate the excessive use of non-recyclable packaging and print collateral and pollution.

Behind the scenes, Sun City’s 18 Green teams and well trained staff will be involved in ensuring that existing systems such as waste management, energy and water management, transport and overall services provided specifically for the event, are as effective and responsible as possible. Greening the tournament includes the calculation of waste and recycling volumes, resource use and other aspects that create or affect the overall footprint of the Nedbank Golf Challenge. This will afford Sun City with the ability to calculate the impact of the event and prepare a report on its overall ‘green’ success before either certifying the event ‘Green’ or ‘Carbon Neutral’.

The estimated carbon score for the tournament in 2008 totalled 60.9 %. In order to certify this year’s Nedbank Golf Challenge as “Green” a score of 75% has to be achieved. The carbon footprint in 2008 equalled 601.85 tons and to reduce this year’s carbon footprint, the Resort has to implement several practices including; energy management of 223 tons, transport management of 201 tons, F&B management of 170 tons, water management of 7.5 tons, recycling of 4 tons, wet waste composting of 1.3 tons. Additionally, Sun City has its own green belt that can effectively off set the Nedbank Golf challenge carbon expenditure.

Sponsors of the Nedbank Golf Challenge are equally committed to the greening process. The Nedbank Green Trust founded in 1990 aims to protect the unique biological diversity of Southern Africa and to counter the adverse affects of unsustainable development. More than R90-million has been raised to date for over a 150 major conservation projects.

Avis’s CarbonNeutral®fleet achieved energy usage accreditation in 2008 and players, their families and VIP’s will be chauffeured around the resort in the Volvo XC60. Volvo’s focus and its efforts are ably illustrated by the low CO2 emissions and fuel consumption figures of 159 g CO2/km.

The Heritage Environmental Management Company will officially conduct the green audit of the Nedbank Golf Challenge; this includes auditing sponsors, suppliers and contractors; compiling checklists and declaration forms; calculating and monitoring carbon emissions; and compiling the daily carbon results report.

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