Nappy Run For Children With Disabilities

by Cabanas on

Sun City is proud to be paying host to an exceptional charity event: The Nappy Run. The event will be taking place on Sunday 17 June from 9am at The Vacation Club at our resort. We’re hoping to welcome a huge crowd of supporters whose sole objective is to have fun and do their bit for charity at the same time.

What’s Going Down On The Day?

Nappy Run

All those who wish to participate in the Nappy Run need to pay an entry fee of a pack of nappies. These nappies will be collected and handed over to the Children with Disabilities charity. The Nappy Run will have entrants running or walking a course along with their families and friends.

The catch is that everyone needs to wear a nappy of their own. There are no rules as to how the nappy must be worn and the organisers welcome any creative input on how best to “wear” the nappies. We’re sure that not everyone will be brave enough to wear it as it is intended, but for those who do; hats off to you!

If you are interested in participating in this fantastic, worthy cause then please come along and join us on the day with your pack of nappies, wearing your nappy and bringing your most fervent, infectious positive energy to light up the day!

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