My sizzling Sun City shoot!

by NadiaVDM on

Water glittering like gold, the sun beating down on my skin, sand between my toes, the wind in my hair…as each flash fired off, I felt like a Sun Goddess, at home in the beautiful Valley of Waves.

With just 70 days to go until the Stimorol Springbreak at Sun City, the beginning of Springbreak will be a welcome turn to this year’s chilly winter. A few weeks ago we were at Sun City, shooting the official Springbreak billboard and magazine campaign featuring one of summer’s hidden secrets for the ladies, Blue-Glue bikinis. The shoot was incredible, the location spectacular and now I just cannot wait for the 23rd of September!

With a 4am call time, we went straight into make-up and the shoots only finished around 11pm – and this for 3 days on the trot. Sounds incredibly rough, but for me this shoot was heaven! I felt like I was in paradise. Sun City offers such diversity, from the expansive lagoon to the opulent pools, the exotic gardens, adventurous water slides and mesmerizing amphitheater.

I’ll be living it up at Springbreak and look forward to meeting you there! Join me on the beach and experience the ‘WOW-factor’ first hand. And this year promises to be even more exuberant than last. With non-stop entertainment, activities and parties, I look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you! Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. I cannot wait to get into my Blue Glue bikini, ready to soak up the sun, meet new people and have the most rocking weekend at one of South Africa’s most idyllic locations.

The only question that remains is this; Are you joining me?



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