Million Thrills competition winner tells his story

by Sarah Hellings on

Pablo Andrés Berra entered a competition in our Million Thrills email to send through a story about a visit to one of our hotels or resorts. This is his story about his honeymoon at Sun City:

My Honeymoon at Sun City

Pablo and Savita

Pablo and Savita

Twenty one years ago travelling in Asia I met Savita, my South African sweetheart. It was a critical time in South Africa – with its mix marriages and group areas act there was no possibility to be together and the war in the Middle East finally separated us. We sadly said goodbye.

I lost contact with the love of my life but whilst back in my country Argentina, I looked for her for years through South African friends. Three years ago I finally found her over the Internet and she had never forgot our relationship.

I could not wait to reunite with her and eventually managed to join her in South Africa as a birthday surprise.

In June 2009 we got married and she took me to the best place to spend our honeymoon; that very special and beautiful Palace of the Lost City. I had longed to visit Sun City for years as I had heard so many stories and seen lots of photos of the magical beauty of Sun City. As she is a MVG member she receives many offers on accommodation for the various resorts.

Since then, we have never stopped visiting Sun International resorts! Basking in the sun on the beach at the Wild Coast Sun, enjoying the scrumptious meals at the Carousel, lounging on the terrace appreciating the sunset over the lake at the Morula Sun, spending an enjoyable and very rewarding time at the Royal Swazi Spa and our very best and frequently visited Sun City. I have never gambled before, but seeing how she plays and enjoys the slot machines… and more often than not, she wins, I began trying it out and am enjoying it very much.

The moment Savita is not close to me, I do miss her a lot and I know those seconds without holding her hand are like those 20 years I couldn’t hold her hands, and the worst is that those seconds are gone; you can’t ever get them back. We are deeply in love in our middle 40s, who said you can’t bein love in your middle age, and every single month we have more honeymoons at one of the Sun International resorts in SA.

Sun City is and always will be our companion and witness to our love.

2 Responses to Million Thrills competition winner tells his story

  1. kiyashka padiachy says:

    This is a truly amazing story. It is so romantic and absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed reading it. I read it to my family and by the way that they listened to it,
    I saw that they thoroughly enjoyed it too. I have to say again that this is an absolutely beautiful story.

  2. Alice says:

    this is a very beautiful story. congratulations pablo.

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