Miss SA Prepares for Miss Universe

by Sarah Hellings on

Preparing for Miss Universe has been an unbelievably exciting rollercoaster of events but at the same time, a pretty daunting experience.

I am due to set off for the bright lights of Las Vegas on 6th of August – in less than two weeks! I’m delighted to say that clothing and costumes from various designers have been sourced. My “National Costume” by R J Kay and my “Competition Gown” by KLUK CGDT are both soon to be completed. They do, I believe, look absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to show off the talent of these designers!

Whilst being physically prepared is important, it is also crucial to be mentally prepared. This preparation includes overcoming both the natural stress, together with the improving of one’s general knowledge skills in order to meet the pageant requirements.

Thus far, with the help of Sun International, I’m on track with all preparations and am looking forward to what awaits me in Las Vegas! When it comes to pageants, I believe one takes part to ultimately win but also to have fun, to meet new people and most importantly, to learn from one of the greatest opportunities of my life!

3 Responses to Miss SA Prepares for Miss Universe

  1. marinda kruger says:

    Dear Nicole

    Best of luck at the Miss Universe competition!
    Ons is trots op jou, hou ons land se naam hoog daar anderkant.
    Bring us the crown girl!!!

    Best wishes.

  2. Jenny Cole says:

    Forsdicks BMW Sandton would like to wish you every success in this exciting venture. We’re all very proud of you and are routing for you to WIN!

  3. Linda Mayedwa says:

    I have a14 year old daughter , I would love that she one day might enter for MISS SA TEEN, but not sure how to start or where to start to prepare her.


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