Miss SA workshops :: Day 2

by Sarah Hellings on

Day two of the Miss South Africa 2010 workshops required a lot of energy! The semi-finalists all gathered in the Superbowl (where the pageant will take place) to do some ramp work with Mary Reynolds. Each girl had their turn to strut their stuff in front of Mary whom then gave some constructive criticism as to what could be improved and what they were doing correctly. Over 25 years of experience, an excess of a 1000 events ranging from fashion to corporate makes Mary Reynolds, founder of TRAMPS, is the obvious choice to host these catwalk workshops and to be the choreographer on the Miss SA pageant. Not only has she been responsible for finding some of the greatest model talent that SA has to offer and has trained them to grace local and international catwalks she has trained many potential Miss South Africa entrants and trained Michelle Mclean for her entry into the Miss Universe competition, which she went on to win. Most importantly she often goes where angels fear to tread which is what makes her a leader and innovator in her field.

After 3 and a half  hours of ramp work it was off to meet Craig Duff in the Royal Chamber at The Palace of the Lost City. Craig was one of the founder members of Varsity College, one of the Miss SA sponsors, for over 20 years. Craig offered some advice about personal branding and the importance of working consciously towards what you really want to do. He also highlighted the importance of the online medium as a space where you can build your brand. The way people perceive you is core to your image and your personal brand.

This workshop laid a solid foundation for Kieno Kammies, Talk Radio 702 talk show host, who joined the girls to discuss ‘Facing the Media’. Kieno spoke fondly of current Miss South Africa, Nicole Flint, whom he described as someone that everyone gravitates towards. Emphasis was placed on being passionate, confident and knowing exactly what you are saying.  The importance of keeping up to date on current affairs and the daily reading of relevant newspapers was re-iterated throughout Kieno’s workshop.  These elements will stand the semi-finalists in good stead when facing the media.

Larry Krug then ended off the afternoon with a health and fitness session. Larry has an impressive CV having worked with Miramax for 10 years making sure that actors and actresses looked their best on set. Currently working closely with Evox Advanced Nutrition, he gave the girls some tips with regards to health and nutrition. The semi-finalists also had a workout session with Gary Lowenstein to show them what they can do to keep themselves in shape whilst leading a busy lifestyle.

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  1. Nthaby Serobedi says:

    i am obsessed with Miss SA tried entering when i was young but i never got through , all i wanna say is good luck to the girls and i’ll be there to cheer all of you especially the Hammanskraal gal(makgalemela)

  2. Nthaby Serobedi says:

    good luck to all the gals

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