A Miss Universe Pageant Experience

by Sarah Hellings on
Miss SA Nicole Flint on one of the Miss Universe outings

Miss SA Nicole Flint on one of the Miss Universe outings

The Miss Universe Pageant was one of the most exciting and memorable experiences of my life.

Participating in a full programme of events every day and having 4 to 5 hours of sleep for almost three weeks is not easy, but meeting friends that will last a lifetime and being able to travel to the exciting Las Vegas was awesome!

I was apprehensive of spending so much time with 82 other contestants – all there for the same reason, but my perception soon changed. The ladies were friendly and it helped knowing that we were all in the same boat. The many laughs and fun times will remain a highlight in my life! We were given the opportunity to watch featured shows and visit some of Nevada’s incredible tourist attractions. Rehearsing for the final night took only a few days. It was great to meet with all those involved in making the pageant the successful production it always turns out to be.

What I have taken away from such a great experience will undoubtedly be the special people I met together with the many lasting memories and of course, being able to visit such an interesting part of the USA.

If given the opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate doing it all over again!

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  1. Louise Schutte says:

    You did well and we are proud of you, a beautiful South African girl and especially knowing you from Radio Jacarand! Keep it up Nicole! Louise

  2. helen langen says:

    you did well Miss SA

  3. helen langen says:

    did very well Miss SA

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