Lira Set to Illuminate the Superbowl

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Fresh off of her ultra-successful world tour, South African musical sensation Lira has come back home to enchant local audiences with her trademark soulful style. The Captured Tour will reach its climax at South Africa’s premier live music venue, the Sun City Superbowl, on 29 October. The performance will be recorded for a future DVD and plans are in place for the most audacious recorded stage production in African history.

Expect Fireworks

Sun-City-Lira-lrgLira has spent months honing her craft on foreign shores and is ready to unleash an amazing performance on the Sun City audience. Fans can expect fresh renditions of old classics, as well as special collaborations with other South African artists.

Even more exciting, the Superbowl crowd will be involved in making history, as the stage production for Lira’s DVD recording is set to be the most impressive in African history. As DVD production head and manager, Robin Kohl, says, “We’re taking what we did in 2009 and doubling the scale. We are also capturing Lira’s performances through the eyes of fans at each and every destination, throughout the tour. Fans will be part of a truly interactive capturing process and become our roving camera team in each venue.”

Lira herself adds, “The size of this production and the fact that we’re making history is part of my mission for this tour. I wanted to capture the experience of my shows through the eyes of my fans.” It’s clear that Lira is excited to show off her personal growth to South African fans with the Captured Tour and give them an experience to remember before she tackles foreign domination once again.

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