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Introducing Gregarious Grant Nash!

Grant Nash is Anele’s partner on the 5FM lunchtime show, and yet another awesome DJ who will be performing at Springbreak 2010. This dynamic team first joined forces at TUKS radio where they co-presented until 2006. He studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Language but said he joined the University of Pretoria with the sole intention of joining TUKS radio. Together they moved over to 94.7 Highveld Stereo where he was co-presenter and producer of the 7-10pm evening slot, focusing on the youth market. In 2008, the duo was snapped up by 5FM. Grant says that his love for radio started with 5FM, listening to the likes of Alex Jay, Mark Gillman, Ian F and Sasha Martinengo. Obviously having an opportunity to continue the legacy they have created is a dream come true.”

He considers himself a killer Tetris player and when he is not presenting on radio, he lectures on radio broadcasting at Boston Media House. This radio jock is passionate about reading, rugby, cricket, the bush and music. When asked about his music choice he enjoys “everything – from opera and hip hop to deep house and trance. Every genre has its time and place in my life.”

Grant has been described as 5FM’s vegan humanitarian. He was a vegetarian for 3 years before making the decision to become a vegan at the beginning of this year. This lifestyle change has meant no animal products in any shape and form. He explains that shopping can take many hours – the label of each product has to be studied to ensure that it does not contain any animal-derived products. Guys, take a leaf out of his book! He says he misses Haagen Dazs chocolate ice-cream and still has a tub in his freezer to admire the packaging – talk about temptation! But this chocoholic can still enjoy dark chocolate. Luckily in his diet he can still eat sushi and at his favourite Chinese restaurant, he can be found wandering into the kitchen to ensure that no fish oil is used, making for a truly vegan meal. He has admitted to eating some weird stuff in his life… read on if you have a strong stomach! He has eaten ox penis soup and a Chinese preserved egg! Without elaborating too much, this is a blackened, 12 month-old delicacy. That is hardcore man!

Did you know that he was once embarrassed by his domestic worker on radio! He thinks of himself as something of bush baby so his ideal holiday was not seeing Beyonce in concert in LA with die-hard Beyonce fan and co-presenter, Anele. He has broken his large toe three times – once kicking the floor and twice running into walls. He advises that even though you will be surprised at how easy it is to run into a wall, breaking your toe is painful! Make sure you check out Grant spinning the decks this year at Springbreakbook your tickets now!

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