Get The Best Available Rate When Booking With Sun International

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Peak holiday season is fast approaching, but as always, you are guaranteed the Best Available Rate (BAR) when you book your accommodation at any of Sun International’s luxurious hotels.

What Is Best Available Rate?

Best Available Rate is a pricing structure that allows us to provide you with the best available rate for each night if you are staying with us for multiple nights.

Prices are set by forecasting demand for a particular hotel during a set time frame, ensuring that you get the lowest possible price for each night of your multiple night stay. This is done in order to keep our pricing structure free and transparent.

The benefit of the Best Available Rate is that it not only provides you with the lowest possible rates for a multiple night say but also allows you to compare different hotels at the same resort – ensuring you get the best rates without compromising on luxury.

How Is The Best Available Rate Calculated?

Best Available Rate is calculated according to expected room demand. Let’s look at a practical example:

John wants to book the same Luxury Suite at the Sun City Hotel for three consecutive nights. We expect the room demand to be higher during the first two nights of John’s stay, so instead of quoting him the same rate for all three nights, we take demand into consideration to provide John with the following quote:

  • Night 1 R4 180
  • Night 2 R4 180
  • Night 3 R3 980

Because the anticipated room demand on Night Three is lower than on Night One and Two, the Best Available Rate on Night Three is less.

Because room demand fluctuates from day to day, it’s quite possible that John would have received a different quote for the same Luxury Suite, had he requested the quote on a different day. Best Available Rate is similar to airline ticket pricing which varies depending on when you book your flight.

(Please note: the above example is for illustration purposes only)

How Do I Use The Best Available Rate System When Booking With Sun International

When booking your stay at a Sun International resort online, our online booking engine will determine the best available rates at the Sun International resort of your choice. You are then able to compare different types of rooms available and determine which suite will best suit your requirements before confirming your booking.

Be sure to make your online booking for one of our resorts and enjoy the benefits of the best available rate system!

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