Unadulterated Adrenaline with the Zip 2000 Re-Opens

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We are very happy to announce that the Sun City Zipline is now offically http://www.gulfcoastretirement.org/admin/generic/ open again from June 1 after going through a brand new refurb. It is back, and faster than ever.

At 280 metres high, 2 km long and sending you hurtling through the air at 150 km/h, it’s difficult to conceive of a more thrilling experience than a ride on Sun City’s Zip 2000 zip slide. The Zip 2000 is officially in the Guinness World Book of Records as the world’s fastest and longest continuous zip slide and is making adventure-seekers from around the globe flock to Sun City.

Zip Slide

Excitement for All Walks of Life

Despite its daredevil-only appearance, the Zip 2000 is great fun for absolutely anyone. Anybody over the age of 12 can ride the Zip 2000 and people as old as 84 have savoured the adrenaline rush. The slide is certified by the Department of Labour and abides by the strictest of safety regulations, giving users thrills with peace of mind.

Secured in two harnesses and suspended below a free running trolley that is attached to a steel cable, slide riders experience the feeling of flying as they descend down the wire. Sliders are at times 100m in the air and at other times only 2.5m above the ground. The cable runs from the top of a 280m high koppie to the top of a mast 2km away. Towards the end of the ride, the decent is slowed as riders go uphill, then roll back to the lowest point on the wire where they are assisted to dismount the ride.

Words alone, however, never quite convey the sheer excitement; witness the Zip 2000 fun for yourself:

Try Out the Zip 2000

Sun City offers a variety of options for those looking to experience the Zip 2000. Sliders can either ride solo or have the security of a tandem trip. Team building corporate packages are also available. On team building rides, sliders are tasked with having to drop bombs on ground targets as they fly through the air, adding an extra dimension of fun, competition and excitement for larger groups.

Zip Slide 7

Bookings for the Zip 2000 can be made by phoning the Sun City Welcome Centre Information Desk on +27 (0) 14 557 1544/3382. Large group/corporate bookings (more than 12 people) can be made by e-mailing tim@zip2000.com.

The start of the Zip 2000 is on the top of a koppie, a convenient 5 minutes from Sun City. The activity costs just R440 per person/R90 to spectate and departures to the zip slide are every two hours, every day except Mondays. Tours leave at 9:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00. There is only room on the tours for 16 people at a time (10-12 sliders and 4-6 spectators) so booking is essential if you want to experience the thrills.

Make sure you catch Zip 2000 on YouTube, Flickr and Facebook.

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