Executive Chef Appointed A Director Of South African Chefs Association

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Nicholas Froneman

Nicholas Froneman

We are thrilled to announce that Nicholas Froneman, Executive Chef at The Palace of the Lost City, has been appointed as a Director for the South African Chefs Association (SACA). While we at the Sun City Resort  were completely elated, we feel that Nicholas must be over the moon!

“This is truly an honour and I am thrilled,” says Froneman. “I have always been a member of the SACA because I believe in the organisation and I will continue to do everything I can to help grow the membership base of the organisation.

About The South African Chef’s Association

SACA has been a representative for chefs, cooks and caterers in South Africa for over 35 years. This non-profit organisation has set out to maintain a superior level of culinary excellence throughout the country, while also ensuring that food standards and professionalism are adhered to.

Nicholas Froneman joins the board of directors; a 14 person strong team of leaders in the catering world.

“I see my appointment as another platform from which I can serve. I am passionate about culinary tourism and in order to prosper in this arena we need a transfer of skills, quality training and enhanced chef development. Chefs are now a marketable entity and SACA is instrumental in helping chefs develop their own brands and become ambassadors of South Africa,” says Froneman.

SACA Making A Difference In Hospitality

With the increase in tourism to South Africa, the hospitality industry is under constant scrutiny. Improvements are constantly being made to ensure that recognised standards are set and adhered to. SACA is instrumental in this process and is constantly identifying the training needs of the industry so as to keep up with the constant drive to improve knowledge and standards.

Our Executive Chef will also be involved in the training of young, aspiring chefs who will hopefully continue to fly the flag for South African cuisine, high and proud.

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