Sun City Recognises Our Environmental Heroines

by Cabanas on

Tuesday, 9 August was National Women’s Day. As the primary producers of food, water and fuel around the world, as the givers of life and the custodians of the Earth, it is only fitting that Sun City celebrate Women’s Day by taking a look at the sterling efforts of female environmentalists worldwide.

Women, The Source Of Life

In developing countries in particular – including the majority of Africa – women are single-handedly responsible for seeing to their families’ sustenance, as well as the sustenance of millions around the world. It is women who are responsible for acquiring water and fuel. It is women who are responsible for the majority of global food production. It is women, thus, who keep us all alive.
While many point to these roles as being oppressive and counter-progressive, the opposite is often the case. Countless inspirational women have embraced their role as nurturers and eco-warriors, empowering themselves for the benefit of all humanity.

Eco-feminist pioneers such as Wangari Maathai (founder of the Green Belt Movement) and Dr. Vandana Shiva (who spawned the term “tree-hugger” for her guerrilla anti-deforestation efforts) couldn’t be further from the tired stereotype of submissive little lady.

Sun City, Empowering Women

In the spirit of such environmentalist icons, Sun City has done its best to provide women from surrounding areas with the opportunity to do their part for the environment – and empower themselves in the process. Sun City provides local women with steady employment by supplying them with used office paper that they then sell for recycling. The project gives them much sought-after self-sufficiency, while benefiting the Earth.

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