Sun City’s Environmental Department: Making a Difference

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The Sun City Environmental Department, overseen by Environmental Project Manager, Isa Swart, has initiated a whole range of projects at the resort to improve sustainable practices and environmental awareness. Sun International is committed to “going green” and all Sun City employees are encouraged to strive for excellence in this area .

Two recent Environmental Department events were the “Sun City Birds” day and the “Eco-Warriors of the Year” awards.

Eco-Education with Sun City Birds

Sun City Birds was an event that took place in September at the Sun City Vacation Club . The day was aimed not only at creating awareness amongst Sun City staff about the various resident bird species at the resort, but also at teaching them how to create a safe habitat for them.

Staff were involved in a series of fun competitions, including bird species identification games. They were also tutored on the finer points of installing nesting logs in the resort grounds, encouraging the proliferation of resident bird species.

Recognising Sun City’s Eco-Champions

Every year, the Environmental Department recognises the hard work of Sun City staff in making the resort “greener” and better with their Eco-Warriors of the Year ceremony. This year, top honours went to the Cabanas team, Johanna Mogwane and Roseline Sikhosana, for their sterling efforts in putting the hotel at the forefront of Sun City’s green revolution.

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  1. kirthi says:

    please can i have contact deatails for Ms Isa Swart, email & telephone number. I am very interested in the environmental initiatives carried out by suncity.

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