Sun City Supports Earth Hour 2012

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Sun City Supports Earth Hour 2012

The Sun City Resort is a proud supporter of the Earth Hour project since 2008. Once again the Resort will glow in the sparkling light of hundreds of candles while non essential lights and equipment will be left in the dark on the 31st of March for the hour between 20:30 from 21:30.

Now in its fifth year, here Earth Hour is the world’s largest voluntary action for the environment and one of the most outstanding demonstrations of how small individual actions, when multiplied, can create dramatic impacts. It is celebrated in 5 251 cities and towns in 135 countries, across seven continents, involving 1.8 billion people.

I Will If You Will

This year Earth Hour’s “I Will If You Will” theme invites individuals and organisations to challenge others to an on-going environmental commitment beyond the hour. If Earth Hour’s most basic dare is to switch off the lights on Saturday evening then we quite happily say, challenge accepted!

World Wide Wonders

Land marks such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the Empire State Building in New York City, have in the past switched off the lights in support of this initiative and we have also made it a point to switch off our own small monuments. From the Palace of the Lost City gas flares to the Cascades Hotel chandeliers and Sun City Hotel water features – the energy consumption in these areas will be reduced significantly for the hour.

In this way we will show our support to the Global drive to motivate individuals, businesses, governments and communities to switch off in order to create awareness of our dependency on electricity and the many ways we can cut down on consumption.

Switch Off for the Greater Good

We do not underestimate the small stuff and encourage our guests and staff alike to do their bit towards a greater good by switching off as many electrical consuming appliances for the hour through a poster campaign and an internet pledge. Street lights from the Sun City Main Entrance Gates right up to the Vacation Club circle will be turned off and in public areas such as Hotel Foyers and Restaurants lights will be turned down and candles will be used for illumination.

Load shifting of swimming pool heaters and pumps as well as Boilers has been a standard practise on the Resort since 2008. This means that these items are switched off daily between 07:00 and 10:00 as well as 18:00-20:00 in order to participate in the Eskom drive to reduce consumption during peak periods. However, on the 31st March this period will be extended to 21:30 to result in a 7000kWh saving during Earth Hour.

Sun City Supports Responsible Tourism

Sun City is well known for its drive towards Responsible Tourism practises and has been awarded a Gold status by the Heritage Environmental rating company. This rating is based on the extent to which Environmental and Social Responsible practises have been incorporated in our daily practises.

Resource consumption reduction has received highest attention over the past few years with projects such as installation of solar panels, increased measurement capacity, replacement of incandescent lamps with LEDs as well as training of hundreds of staff members to understand the importance of preserving the capacity of the environment to supply humans with life giving resources.

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