Dress Green this Halloween

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Dress Green this Halloween

In recent years, the “green movement” has gathered traction. Awareness about environmentally-sustainable practices is growing and people are becoming genuinely concerned about the future of the planet. In the spirit of this green awakening, Sun City is urging everybody to enjoy a “Green Halloween” on 31 October. Take a look at our list of simple tips and tricks for making your Halloween celebrations environmentally-friendly.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle on Halloween

Making this Halloween green is easier than you may think; recycled costume materials, salvaged decorations and healthy treats can all be used.

The green movement’s mantra is reduce, reuse and recycle:

  • Reduce – limit the amount of money spent on Halloween food, costumes and decorations.
  • Reuse – find clothes, decorations or other items that can be reused for Halloween. If you have to purchase something, make sure it can be reused from year to year.
  • Recycle – look for clothes and decorations that can be recycled, or use recycled items (boxes, leaves, clippings, branches, newspaper, packing supplies, fabric, string, etc.) to create costumes, decorations and activities.

Green Costume Ideas

You may think that committing to an environmentally-conscious Halloween celebration will limit your options of spectacular costume choices, but that is simply not the case. There are a whole range of impressive costume ideas that are also green.

Take a look at what materials you have lying around your house and plan accordingly:

  • Old sheets– can be painted, marked or torn and used to create ghost and mummy outfits.
  • Old clothes – can be used as is for retro 80s and 90s costumes or ripped up for zombie-themed ensembles.
  • Garden clippings – can be used strategically to flesh out scarecrow and camouflaged soldier costumes.

Everybody at Sun City will be doing their part to integrate these tips and tricks into their Halloween celebrations this year. Do your part for the environment and make your Halloween green too!

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