Chef Andrew To Share His Culinary Secrets

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Sun City’s very own executive chef, Andrew Robertson is set to host a live cooking station at the Grand Design Live expo happening soon at the Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg. The event takes place from 20 – 22 May this year and promises to be an entertaining, not to mention delectable feast for the senses.

Chef Andrew is acclaimed for being a charitable man and this event is no different to his personal style and choice. He will be auctioned off to 450 exhibition visitors with all the proceeds raised going to a charity of his choosing.

This celebrated chef has prepared meals for many celebrities and popular personalities including the likes of: Jackie Stewart, Princess Royal Anne; the Duchess of York, Sarah and Prince Edward, all of whom were attended to during the Jackie Stewart Celebrity Challenge held in a well-known hotel in Scotland. Chef Andrew’s aspirations will have him cooking like Chef Gordon Ramsey if he has his way, describing his idol’s talents as “brilliance”.

Make sure you get your tickets to the Grand Design Live event to see Andrew Robertson in action. You might even get to savour some of his signature dishes if you’re lucky!

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