Big Top Rock Is Coming To Sun City

by Cabanas on

Big Top RockAt the Sun City Resort, you are always guaranteed of the best live entertainment for your viewing pleasure. In light of this, we are thrilled to add another exciting show to our repertoire: Big Top Rock is set to astound audiences from 19 July, coming to you live from the Sun City Theatre.

What Is Big Top Rock?

Well, we’re glad you asked… Big Top Rock is none other than the ultimate rock ‘n roll circus. Take the skills and thrills prevalent in a world class circus and set them off to rock music, and you have a recipe for the best live entertainment money can buy.

Expect the music of Lenny Kravitz, U2, ACDC, Pink, Bon Jovi and more creating the perfect backdrop for the most incredible and astounding circus acts. Pole acrobatics, juggling, aerial acts and flying rope to name a few… all of this will be presented in one astounding show that will get your heart racing and feet tapping.

If you’re a rock ‘n roll fan who loves the circus, then this is your match made in heaven in terms of live entertainment. Stay tuned for more updates on the show; coming to you soon!

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  1. melanie van der linde says:

    please advise when bookings open!!!!!!!!!!!
    have to be there

    thank you

  2. melanie van der linde says:

    need tickets . adbvise when available

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