Get the Best Available Rate when booking for Springbreak 2011

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Springbreak 2011, SA’s hottest party weekend of the year, is about to hit the shores at the Valley of Waves. Sun City hotels are filling up fast, but as always, you are guaranteed of the Best Available Rate (BAR) when you book your accommodation for Springbreak 2011 or at any other time!

What is Best Available Rate?

Best Available Rate is a pricing structure that guarantees you of being quoted the lowest available rate at the time of your booking for each night of a multiple night stay. This is done in order to keep our pricing structure free and transparent.

How is the Best Available Rate calculated?

Best Available Rate is calculated according to expected room demand. Let’s look at a practical example:
John wants to book the same Luxury Suite at the Sun City Hotel for three consecutive nights. We expect the room demand to be higher during the first two nights of John’s stay, so instead of quoting him the same rate for all three nights, we take his needs and expectations into consideration and provide him with the following quote:

  • Night 1 R4 180
  • Night 2 R4 180
  • Night 3 R3 980

Because the anticipated room demand on Night Three is lower than on Night One and Two, the Best Available Rate on Night Three is less.

Because room demand changes from day to day, it’s quite possible that John would have received a different quote for the same Luxury Suite, had he requested the quote on a different day. This works in much the same way as airline ticket prices may vary depending on when you book a flight.

Get the Best Available Rate by booking now!

You too can be part of SA’s hottest beach bash by booking your Best Available Rate accommodation for Springbreak 2011 now! Simply call 011 780 7800, visit the Sun International website to book now or view the Springbreak 2011 Facebook page to read more about Springbreak 2011.

4 Responses to Get the Best Available Rate when booking for Springbreak 2011

  1. STEPHANIE says:

    Is there ANY accomodation available for spring break????

  2. lynette says:

    ive booked accomodation and got tickets for friday, saturday and sunday for springbreak but what about the afterparty at the super bowl, do we have to buy tickets for that seperately and if yes, where do we buy them?

  3. sieraj khan says:

    i require bookings at the best possible rates at the cabanas from the 25/09/2011 till 28/09/2011 best possible springbreak offer at the cabanas

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