Battle of the Giants in Full Swing

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The Battle of the Giants is already making an impact at Sun City Resort, with fans, followers and fantastic dancers lining up to get a piece of the action. For many aspiring dancers on the continent, the Battle of the Giants is their opportunity to showcase what they can deliver. It’s also their one chance to get noticed on an international scale, with the competition being a preliminary for an international contest.

What you can Expect

For those who are new to Battle of the Giants, it’s an all-star arrangement of incredible dancers, each versed in their own discipline. Being an all-styles event means that any and all disciplines are accepted. One can expect anything from Ballroom to Hip-hop, from Latin to Jazz. Dancers from the age of 7 can compete and they do! Some of the younger classes show incredible talent, determination and passion for dance. It truly is an inspiring event to be a part of.

The event started on 21 March and runs through to 25 March. Make sure you’re there to witness these skilled artists doing what they do best; tickets can be booked at Computicket.

With an event like this, you always have a large collection of unknown and well-known dancers. Some of the fans come specifically for one particular dancer, while others like to come and soak up the event as a whole. Special appearances include our very own Lorcia Cooper, Miss South Africa 2011, Melinda Bam and Miss South Africa Teen Celeste Khumalo.

Saturday 24th brings the International Dance Organisation Grand Gala performance

evening seeing experts in Disco Dance, Hip Hop and Electro Boogie where Trace TV will be awarding the best Male and Female Hip Hop dancer with a whopping R15 000.

The Winners so Far

So far many of the dancers have been awarded with top achievements and we see Groups such as Toxic and Speed Illusion taking the top spots in the championship Group Formations. Make sure you like our Battle of the Giants Facebook Group to keep up to date on all our winners.

The Team Behind it All

The South African Dance Teachers Association (SADTA) Stage Branch is behind the event. They’re a team of dedicated people working as a non-profit organisation involved in the education and advancement of dancers, trainers and choreographers in both the national and international dance arena.

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