2015 Battle of the Giants in Full Swing

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Battle of the Giants 2015

On the 10th April 2015 saw the arrival of fans, followers and excited dancers pour into the Sun City Resort, the opening dancers were incredible and the energy in the crowd was almost tangible! The groups that followed were nothing short of exhilarating and really entertained the crowd.

IMG_0108The dancers had a lot to lose, but you could never tell by purely looking at their bold faces. They exuded confidence as they made their perfectly timed and choreographed moves across the dance-floor, the fashion and smiles were just as captivating as the dancing.

Over the course of #BOTG2015 we will see the following categories take to the coveted stage, Electric boogie soloists, Hip hop soloists, Slowdance, Hip hop small groups, Freestyle couples, Electric boogie duos, Ballroom, Hip hop formation and much more.

The Prestigious Panel Of Judges

The highly respected rotating panel of professional adjudicators include:

Chairman of Judges: Salome Sechele

Rotating panel of Judges: Beverly Hammond, Carina Fernandes, Craig Bullock, Craig Riviere, Diana Moore, Erica Bradley, Gregory Green, Lorcia Cooper, Linda Dedekind, Manulani Cohen, Marcus Mabie, Pacou Mutombo, Pam Smith, Rudi Smit, Shelley Nicole Christians, Vouks Witbooi & Warren Wood.

International guest judge – Billy Burke from London & Kirsten dan Jensen from Denmark

It must be so hard to be a judge when there are so many talented and hopeful dancers

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