Battle of the Giants 2014 lives up to expectations!

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The Battle of the Giants 2014 lived up to the expectations of the past 25 years and delivered nothing short of remarkably talented performers who danced their way into the hearts of many fans who travelled from all over South Africa. Sun City played host to many dancers and a multitude of international guests, who were all moved by the young dancers who gave it their all in a spectacular display of dance disciplines.

1. BOTG - Sun City - 13th April 2014 (2)


The air was rampant with electrifying energy, and the talent on show left the audience in a completely awed state. As contestants competed for the winning title in their dance category and age group, the pressure to out-perform and determination was written on their faces.

Take a look at some of the action captured in these amazing photographs here.



Top 5 Performers Dance To Fame

The Top 5 dancers from Battle of the Giants earn their international fame where they will have the chance to represent our nation and compete against top dancers from around the world. Dominating at Battle of the Giants is a dancer’s golden ticket for an opportunity to leave their mark on the world of dance. We hope that this event gave these young, talented, movers and shakers the platform they needed to bring their dreams to life.

Congratulations to the outstanding dancers who dominated the show with their awesome and unique performances across a multitude of discipline!

The success if this year’s show is largely contributed to our generous sponsors…. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Another superb year for Battle of the Giants! As we draw the curtain on this year’s event, share with us how much fun you had supporting your favourites at this year’s event.

You can always re-live the special moments from the Battle of the Giants 2014 by keeping up with the event highlights through our Facebook group page.

See you next year as we rock the Battle of the Giants again!

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