Battle of the Giants leaves nothing to be desired!!

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The Battle of the Giants 2013 showcased remarkable performers who danced their way into the hearts of fans from all across the country. Fans and followers flocked to show their support for the talented young dancers who gave it their all in a spectacular array of dance disciplines. The atmosphere was rife with electric energy and the talent on show left nothing to be desired!

There wasn’t a dry seat in the house as every performer gave it their all in a battle for the winning title in their dance category and age group. Take a look at some of the action captured in these amazing photographs here.

Top 5 Performers Dance To Fame

The Top 5 dancers from Battle of the Giants earn their place in an international contest where they will represent our nation and compete against top dancers from around the world. Dominating at Battle of the Giants is a dancer’s golden ticket for an opportunity to leave their mark on the world of dance. We hope that this event gave these young, talented, movers and shakers the platform they needed to bring their dreams to life.

Congratulations to the magnificent dancers who stole the show with their breathtaking performances across a multitude of disciplines:

A special shout-out to our sponsors, who contributed to the grand success of Battle of the Giants this year.

Yet another rocking year for Battle of the Giants has come to a close. Were you in the crowd supporting the young talent? What did you think of this year’s event?

Relive your favourite Battle of the Giants moments by checking out our YouTube videos and keep up to speed with the event highlights through our Facebook group page.

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