Introduction to 2014 Battle of the Giants │ Sun International

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Battle of the Giants in Full Swing

It is almost time for the Battle of the Giants, and the atmosphere is charged up with excitement for the much anticipated event. Fans and followers are making their way to Sun City Resort for the amazing showcase of dancing skill and talent. Dancers are given the opportunity to exhibit their love for dancing, with the potential of being selected to perform at an international championship.



What you can Expect

This year is particularly special year as the Battle of The Giants celebrates 25years of the All Styles Dance Championship. With every year that passes, we see the incredible growth of this championship, attracting talented dancers from every age group. This is 25th year of seeing all the different dance styles; from Ballroom to Hip hop and Ballet and everything in between.

The line-up looks incredible and the contestants are ready to dazzle! You don’t want to miss a single dance move this weekend. There will be loads of special performances which will more than likely blow your socks off.

Battle of the Giants starts on Friday, 11th April and ends on Sunday, the 13th of April 2014. Be sure to keep up with all the action this weekend by following our Facebook group and stay in the vibe of things!

Also a big thanks goes out to our sponsors for 2014.


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